Scrap metal is any waste metal either as a part or whole of its component.The main importance of scrap metal is that it can be recycled and reused indefinitely for different purposes. Some of the scrap metals that we offer are as follows:

1. Titanium Alloys:

Titanium is a very unique metal known for its high-performance material which can be achieved because of its low density and high durability against corrosion at high temperature.The titanium scrapes can be reused and recycled in various industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Electronics. Titanium is known for its lightweight characteristics and the titanium recycling has a variety of uses and also makes the world sustainable and better.

2. NI/CU Alloys:

NI/CU alloy consists of nickel and copper. This combination leads to a high resistance characteristic for corrosion and rust thus protecting the quality of the product. They tend to be stronger than steel and are highly malleable making them resistant to acids and seawater.They are mainly used in Heat exchangers, condensers, melting, casting and automotive applications.
We offer high quality titanium, NI/CU scrap metals that are efficient in performance and also can be used in infinite ways. Recycling and reducing the wastage of the metals allows preservation of the natural resources and reduces carbon emissions as it requires less energy as extracting the metals from their cores.