Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of power solutions to the marine, power generating and the industrial applications. Headquartered in Sweden, it is the premium provider of marine engine and complete marine propulsion systems. We officially represent AB Volvo Penta as sales partner of Power House. We officially represent AB Volvo Penta as sales partner of Power House. We provide high quality, reliable products and help with the commissioning, warranty and after-sales support services.

Some of the products that we offer are:

We value the requirements of the client and offer customizations( Eg. Gauges ,air shut-offs, designated control systems..etc.) in addition to the standard configurations of the gensets and auxiliary engines.


Our Gensets combine a compact design with good service accessibility. They are available with the power range of 56 to 1886 KWE and with three different cooling systems (Keel cooled, Heat Exchanged or Radiator Cooled). The Build and the design comply with the standard rules from all major classification societies

Powerhouse Volvo Penta Engine:

Build with the state-of-art technology, perfectly matched from controls to engine,drives,propellers to deliver performance and onboard comfort on a brand
new level being developed, manufactured and serviced by Volvo Penta.
The unique Volvo Penta IPS Engine range improves the power, efficiency and the performance
with the benefits of providing a well proven successful propulsion system.
Volvo Penta products are covered with standard 12-month warranty which are extendable to 24-month period.

Powerhouse Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engines:

Mitsubishi Diesel engines are known for their high fuel Efficiency and reliable performance. From the combustion chamber design to the direct injection
technology, from the turbocharger to the advanced cooling systems, a perfect balance to provide a economic operation and efficient fuel consumption
is delivered.